Instant monitoring of the vital signs of multiple casualties

The Platinum Ten minutes after an incident make the difference in order to save lives. We developed a technology that helps speed up medical decisions and initiate treatments earlier. To this end, we made the PulseIQ® sensor platform suitable for health sensors. Thanks to the use of these sensors, a first responder in the field can monitor the vital signs of multiple casualties via a smartphone or tablet. This leads to faster triage: the most urgent treatment for the most urgent injured person.

Decision support, always and everywhere

During care in the field and evacuation, Casualties are constantly being transfered. To ensure that injured information is retained, it should be easily collected, shared and passed on. Even if components of the system break down. VitalsIQ® solves this as follows:

  • multi-patient monitoring – the sensors of several patients can be read from one device
  • seamless transfer of information between mobile devices via multiple protocols, including NFC and BLE
  • data remains stored with the patient and the last MIST remains readable via e-Paper, even if all connections are down and all components are broken
  • if the sensors are not working, patient data can be recorded manually



No information loss

Seamless use under high pressure

Every second counts in casualty care. Therefore VitalsIQ® is quick and intuitive in use:

  • Plug & Play connection of sensors
  • every manual entry is done with just 2 clicks
  • data visualization ties in with what practitioners want to know
  • VitalsIQ® app fits in trauma protocols

Save time

Credentials: Dutch Military

“The big advantage is that the first responder no longer has to measure manually and that triage is easier. Because the app provides an overview of how the various patients are doing ”. A quote from Lieutenant Colonel Eric Nacken, Head of Knowledge Center Defense Healthcare Education and Training Center, in the Landmacht Magazine van augustus 2019. This article describes the result of our joint technology development VitalsIQ®.

1AMV-er = Algemeen Militair Verpleegkundige


Foto: archieffoto GNK-oefening Vigourous Warrior in Roemenië uit het artikel in het Landmacht Magazine van augustus 2019 geschreven door RITM Saminna van den Bulk.



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